Photography, Steen Olsen


"His concert was a meeting with beauty, opening the door into new worlds and leaving a lasting imprint on the soul."


Mikkel plays in concerts and workshops around the world with a strong presence in Denmark, Greenland and South America. He plays in settings and environments that complement the subtle nuances of his music, with his talents leading him to Classic Radio's top listed No.1 cd of the week.


To fully experience the beauty of the classic Spanish guitar is to be present at one of Mikkel's concerts and to be seated among the exquisite energy that will deeply touch your soul. 

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Mikkel has grown up along side his music, taking life's journey with a mindful and empathetic outlook. His sensitivity has been both channeled through his musical talents and personal expression. While life's adversities have been trying, there is a beauty in the vulnerably Mikkel reveals through his music and in meeting him, there is a wonderful sense of familiarity. 

Mikkel's personal and professional life is as inspiring and touching as the music he more...

Photography, Paco Sanchez


Photography, Dorthe Ivalo Jensen

Mikkel is a renowned master of atmosphere, captivating audiences with his subtle expressions. Using the energy of a room, he navigates the guitar's classical nuances into every corner, inviting emotions, sentiments, and soul to the present. From intimate gatherings to church ceremonies, Mikkel devotes his musical talents to the vitality of the room and has strung the way for musicians who channel their sensitivities into their art.


Contact Mikkel to discuss your event or ceremonial needs and find out how you can create an unforgettable atmosphere with a live, solo performance with classical guitar.

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