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Mikkel Andersen is a well-travelled musician. Among other things, he has played in South America, Spain, Canada and the United States. It reflects his concerts, where the audience joins a musical journey around the world.

Mikkel Andersen is recognized in Denmark and abroad as an interpreter of both traditional and more modern and experimental music and thereby has a role as a pioneer and innovator of modern guitar music.

Mikkel Andersen has released three solo CDs, which are often played in P2 on DR. The first "El Llanto de la Guitarra" from 2009 was very well received by the public. It became the CD of the Week on P2 and kickstarted the guitarist's international career.

His second CD "Puesta de Sol - Twilight" is inspired by Richard Strauss' "Im Abendrot" and a reference to the book "I Aftenrøden" by Peer Sibast. The third album "Un Buen Dia" was released in 2017.

In his album trilogy, Mikkel Andersen gives classical music from earlier times a touching and modern expression, while other parts of the music move from an atmosphere of soulful mornings to magically dusty evenings.

Mikkel Andersen - Biography

Mikkel Andersen was born in Viby Sjælland in 1972. Growing up in a working-class family, it was not on the cards that Mikkel Andersen should become a classical solo guitarist, play concerts at home and abroad and run his own guitar school.

Classical music came to him by chance. When he was six years old, his godmother gave him a package calendar, and on Christmas Eve the gift was a homemade cassette tape with Peter Plush stories on one side and Tchaikovsky on the other.
When he heard Tchaikovsky, a new world opened for him, and he started going to guitar at the age of nine.

In his childhood home, one had to knuckle down for food and order something. That approach became an advantage when he started playing guitar, for he practiced for many hours at a time and more than most.

”The more I dived into classical music, the more new dimensions opened up," he says.


A global guitar affair

Mikkel Andersen has travelled all over the world and has given concerts as a classical soloist and chamber musician. He has given master classes in various parts of the world, where he has taught a student in front of an audience at a high professional level.

Foreign composers have written music for him and have invited him to give concerts in their home countries, Cuba, Chile, Spain, the Baltic states, the United States, Canada and Greenland. He is regularly invited to perform at international classical festivals.

Mikkel Andersen has released three solo CDs, plays in several ensembles, and has contributed to a series of recordings in Denmark and abroad.


Guitarist owns Copenhagen Guitar School

Mikkel Andersen owns and runs Copenhagen Guitar School Casa de la Guitarra, where he teaches up to 40 children a week and has two young music students employed as guitar teachers.


For more than 25 years, Mikkel Andersen has taught guitar playing at Zealand music schools.

At the music school, he is known for his distinctive way of teaching and his ability to be in touch with the students.


Mikkel Andersen also teaches students at the Musical Basic Course, who want to be admitted to the music conservatory.


Bringing over three decades of guitar teaching expertise to the table, Mikkel possesses a unique talent for establishing a strong rapport with his students and acknowledging their advancements.

Curriculum vitae

•    • Mikkel Andersen - born in 1972. Grew up in Viby Sjælland. He started playing guitar when he was 9 years old

• Educated guitarist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Aalborg and Aarhus and at the Royal College of Music in London.

• Owner and guitar teacher at Copenhagen Guitar School - Casa de la guitarra, which has solo lessons, ensemble teams and "campfire teams".

• Gives concerts in churches, music associations and guitar festivals etc. in Denmark and abroad

• External teacher on preparatory Musical Basic Course for the Conservatory of Music (MGK) for talented students

• Lives on Amager in Copenhagen and is the father of three daughters

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